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Alexis Paul 

Artistic process

As far as I remember, I have always been passionate about painting. Even if my professional career did not put me on the artistic path right from the start, painting finally imposed itself on me.

At the beginning, it was landscapes and then wild animals, especially rhinoceroses. These large herbivores have always fascinated me. Their impressive stature and confidence made me want to work with the materials and divert the use of colour.

I would like to convey some of the imposing yet calm strength that these animals present. To underline their individuality, each animal is given a first name which also then becomes the title of the painting.

Exploring material and colour led me to other horizons: abstract art. Working with a pallet knife made the motion more fluid and spontaneous. I like to compose colour mixes, especially using mineral tones and the rich pigments of oil paints provide endless possibilities.

Creation is a strange process which falls outside of any logic. It all starts with a particular colour, a contrast or even a shape observed in the sky or engraved into a rock.

I draw my inspiration from these natural elements; they give direction to my abstract paintings. These do not have any specific title to allow for a completely free interpretation. I would like the viewer to take a moment and to step inside my imaginary world.

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